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A Trademark is one of the most important business assets you'll ever own.

It distinguishes your company or product in the marketplace.

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BIPS provides Intellectual Property Services to The clients.

Our attorneys recognize the relationship between various intellectual property assets and the business needs of our clients. Our extensive support and vast experience made us leading Intellectual Property Management firm. BIPS provides Intellectual property services nationwide.


Our Misssion

Our mission is to protect the valuable Intellectual Property assets of our clients at all levels. We believe in finest protection and aggressive enforcement of IP assets is the only key to success. We believe in the best utilization and commercialization of the Intellectual Property assets.


What We Do

BIPS provide Intellectual Property services to our clients. We help our clients to manage, register and protect their Trademarks, Patent, Copyrights, Industrial Designs and other forms of IP assets. We also provide patent and trademark filing services in foreign countries through our foreign associates. We also help our clients in litigation and counterfeiting matters.